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SPECIAL: Join for just $47

If You Don’t Know Exactly What Messages Attract the Right Type of Men, 
How Will YOUR MAN Ever Find YOU?

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Attract Your Man
Messaging Workshop

Walk away knowing EXACTLY who to message,  how to message them, and what your first messages will be . . . 

- Live Virtual -

See Why So Many Women Are RAVING About This Training: 


Ellen learned more about herself and met the right man.

“Doing seemingly everything to find the right man and struggling and wondering, “Where all the quality men are, or what am I doing wrong?” After learning Eniostyle, I’m happy with who I am and attracted the right man for me.— Ellen K.


Anna feels more secure and on the right track.

"What shifted is that I feel more secure because I'm on the right track and have the right tools. It gives me hope that it's really possible for me to meet a good match.” 
Anna J.


Sara gained the confidence to start dating again.

“After going through the program, I gained confidence and started dating again. Now I can filter out men who aren’t compatible with me early on. It saves a lot of time.”
— Sara P.


Hayley’s man asked her to move in together after just one month of dating.

"He was so consistent. He didn't disappear. He pursued me and about a month later he made the proposal for us to move in together.”
— Hayley P.


Jodi can know right away if a man is right for her.

“I’m able to know right away if a man is right for me when I’m out there swiping and dating. Learn Eniostyle if you want an easy-flowing relationship.”
— Jodi G.


Nancy met her ideal life partner in the most unusual place.

“I look at my decision to join Love by Design as one of the BEST decisions I’ve made in my life! I was skeptical about being able to meet ANY men, not to mention my IDEAL type of man! But I chose to listen to the part inside me that was hopeful and craved love. I met my man working in the Arctic.
— Nancy S.

You probably already know that how you message men is what determines whether a guy you met at a friend’s party or on a dating app will respond, ask you out on a date and commit to you.

If you’re like most professional busy women, chances are you want to spend less time messaging men, stop messaging the wrong type of guys and start feeling like a confident, desirable, high-value woman who attracts high-quality men. You want to become a Chooser who gets to choose the right man for you quickly and easily.

But the biggest problem I see with women struggling with dating is that hard-to-answer question:

“What should I message him?”

And, if you’re reading this now, I can assume that you’re asking that same question, right?

What do I say? Why not just say whatever? What if I say something wrong? What if I overlook my soulmate? What if I say something that will turn him off?

Mastering messaging men is exactly what you need so that you attract your man.
Being a smart and successful woman, you’ll probably agree that in our world of modern technology and instant communication, mastering messaging men is what will make you stand out from others, give you much better options in dating and lead to the next steps: a first date . . . a commitment . . . a life together.


On the contrary, not mastering messaging won’t just keep you in the same place of being busy dating and staying single, it’ll make you feel increasingly more frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted! 

And this very issue also keeps so many women who aren’t currently dating stuck in inaction. The fear and pain of wasting months or even years messaging the wrong guys, choosing the wrong man, getting into the wrong relationship . . . causes most women to never even start dating again at all.

And every single woman who gets stuck here—and stays stuck here—is making one of the biggest mistakes that’s guaranteed to keep her from finding her soulmate and creating the relationship she wants.

And the worst part? These women don’t even realize they’re making a mistake that’s costing them countless months or even years of wasted time, missed opportunities and experiences of sharing their life with someone special—and an immeasurable amount of emotional pain and loneliness (and maybe you didn’t realize it either . . . until now).

This is a mistake I can help you fix right now.

The cold, hard truth is:

If you don’t master messaging men and use it to attract your man, you will remain single. And being single keeps you stuck.

Show me just one woman who has attracted her man who hasn’t been messaging him.

You can’t! 

That’s because they know what you may not have realized until right now:

When men (including your future boyfriend or husband) search for a woman, they seek out the ONE, not the average woman. 

And no woman can be perceived as the One (not me, and not you!) if she sounds boring, dry or just like everyone else.
But any woman can be great at authentic, original and playful messaging that gets high-quality men’s attention, interest and desire for more. Yes, you too! 

If you have a desire in your heart to attract that one special man into your life, it means you already have what it takes within you to step into that reality.

In this masterclass, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that—and it starts with identifying who you message, how you message him and what your first messages will be.

And to make this the biggest no-brainer deal ever, I’m going to make the best guarantee I’ve ever offered, which puts all the risk of your investment on me.



Attract Your Man
Messaging Workshop

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Walk away knowing EXACTLY who to message,  how to message them, and what your first messages will be . . . OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Here’s just a sneak peak into what we’ll cover:

Why messaging men is different from other communication

The biggest mistakes women make in messaging men

What types of messages get men to respond 90%+

What types of messages to never send to men

How to respond to typical messages like “Hi, how are you?”

How to get a response you want—like asking you for a date

“What if he . . . ?” How to respond to uncomfortable questions and requests

How to respond to silence, ghosting and other situations

Once you register, you’ll get access to:

2-part live video training

50+ real-life case studies and examples

Live Q&A group coaching call

Lifetime access to all the recordings

Action guide

Plus, you’ll get not just two but five(!) exclusive bonuses ($__ value):

Bonus #1: 5 Principles of Messaging Men that Create Attraction, Interest and Desire and Get Responses

Bonus #2: The 3 Steps of Messaging to Get Him Interested in You

Bonus #3: The 6 Keys to Messaging that Attracts Your Man

Bonus #4: Messages You Never Want to Send to a Man

Bonus  #5: Advanced Customized Strategies Based on Men’s Personality Types

Only $47 Now!

When you join us for our $147 masterclass,

I guarantee that by the end of this training, you’ll walk away knowing exactly who to message, how to message him, and what your first messages will be . . .

In other words, if you don’t know exactly whom to message, how to message them, and what your first messages will be by the end of this masterclass, all you need to do is email Carla, our Customer Support Specialist at

We’ll happily refund 100% of your investment. Just let us know why. Plus you’ll still have lifetime access to this masterclass’ recordings, materials, and bonuses!

In the last 12 years, I’ve helped thousands of women attract their dream man, and now it’s your turn!

My high-level coaching program members invest $12,000 to work with me in a close intimate setting. Private coaching with me is a $25,000 investment.

My flagship program’s investment is $2,000. I don’t offer anything this inexpensive, and I'm not sure when or if I will again.

But over the past couple of years, I’ve seen so many single women struggle with messaging men and it stops them dead in their tracks. They stay stuck, they don’t attract the kind of men they want, and their love life never makes it any further than just a dream in their mind.


Which means if you never get this figured out, you’ll never go on to attract the type of man you want . . . which means you won’t ever be able to experience the life of love, connection and shared passion that you want.

It’s for that reason that I want to make sure to give this training to as many women as possible so I can help make the biggest impact on others even faster.

So tell me . . . are you in?

Only $47 Now!
until Wednesday midnight, August 17

Regular Investment: $147

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