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“I want to attract my man. Where can I learn more about Love by Design?”

If you want to attract your ideal type of man using Eniostyle,  click here.

Click here to join the Love by Design waitlist to be one of the first notified when we open the doors to Love by Design.

“I want to talk with Polina or one of her Love By Design coaches. How can I do it?”

If you have any questions or want us to help you decide whether Love by Design is right for you, click here to book a free strategy session "Attract Your Man" with our Love by Design coach now.

“How can I send a message to Polina?”

Simply email our amazing team at and we’ll pass your message to Polina.

“What are Polina’s qualifications?”

Polina’s qualifications include:


A Master Certified Coach with 12 years of experience. Graduate of several certification programs including Coach U and the Coaches Training Institute 

An Eniostyle Expert and graduate of several certification programs including Eniostyle with Panchenko (the inventors of Eniostyle), the School of Yana Koroleva, Eniostyle with Emtsov and Eniostyle with Zhiganov

A master's degree in education from Moscow City University

A master's degree in international management and policy from New York University


Love by Design is a culmination of everything I’ve learned, tested and applied in my own life and in the lives of thousands of women over the last 12 years, including:

Over 30,000 hours of studying psychology, dating and relationships

Over 10,000 hours of hands-on training, teaching and coaching professional women

Over 2,000 hours of coaching certification programs and advanced training, including Eniostyle

Over 13 years of being in a happy, loving relationship with my husband Paul

I’ve processed, synthesized and condensed all the information into a simple, effective step-by-step system so that you can attract your man.

“I’m interested in becoming a Love By Design Coach. How can I get started?“

Thank you for your interest! If you’re interested in becoming a Love by Design Coach, click the Let’s Chat button below

“I’m interested in becoming a Love By Design Affiliate. Where do I start?“

Thank you for your interest! If you’re interested in becoming a Love by Design Affiliate, click here to access our Affiliate Center and register as our affiliate.

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 If you have any questions

simply email us at

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