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Attract Your Ideal Type of Man with Eniostyle
OR ...
Your Money Back!

If you are a single professional woman and you want to be done with the struggle, fear and frustration of dating . . .

Then it’s time for Eniostyle—the proven personality-typing system for meeting your man without trying hard and wasting time!

Most professional single women looking for love face one major hidden obstacle.

What is it?


Well, before I tell you, let me ask you a question . . .


Which of these apply to you?

You feel disappointed, frustrated and discouraged by the lack of quality of men you meet online. It feels like you’re going in circles and wasting your time on the wrong guys.

You feel overwhelmed, confused and exhausted by the amount of messages and dates that go nowhere.  It feels like you are putting in a lot of effort with little return.

You feel uncertain, doubtful and even scared to start dating again. You feel like you’re not ready, so you avoid putting yourself out there.

If you can see how ANY of these applies to you . . .


. . . It’s because most likely you’ve been operating from the “dating Is hard” mindset.


Most single women who struggle to find love make the mistake of having the “dating is hard” mindset but with this mindset, you’ll just continue to struggle and stay single.

Say goodbye to the “dating is hard” mindset.

It’s a certain way of thinking that causes most women like you to struggle in your search for love.

It’s based on the biggest myths that society, the media and some “dating gurus” are telling you.

It puts you on the path to overwhelm, frustration, confusion and disappointment in dating from the get-go.

It’s a hidden reason that causes you to feel like a hamster on a wheel.

It causes you emotional pain, wasting time, energy and resources on men who can never give you what you need. 

It’s what keeps you spending countless hours on dating apps, texting men and going on dates — without getting into an actual relationship.

It’s what causes you worry, anxiety and self-doubt when you’re lying in bed alone, unable to fall asleep and thinking, “What am I doing wrong?”

It’s what leads you on a vicious cycle of attracting the same wrong types of men . . . repeating old patterns . . . and aimlessly dating without finding true love.

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The “dating is hard” mindset is what keeps you busy dating and staying single. 

It falsely assumes that your ability to find love is dependent on your time and effort (which you never have enough of), so “dating more,” “dating harder” and “dating longer” becomes your main strategy. And I don’t have to tell you that’s a broken strategy.


Think about it: if it really worked, wouldn’t you (and every single woman who’s been trying hard to find love) already be in a happy relationship by now?


Or are you telling me that you haven’t tried hard enough? 

And if that applies to you, too . . .


Don’t feel bad… It’s not your fault!


If you’re like most  single women who struggle to find love, chances are you’re approaching dating from this erroneous “dating is hard” mindset that you learned from others.


But that’s okay! It’s all that you knew . . . until now!


With the “dating is hard” mindset, your ability to attract your ideal type of man is dependent on your time and effort. You’re constrained by your external circumstances instead of taking clear, specific and strategic actions that get you what you want.

photo_2022-02-04_00-52-03 1.jpg

And I don’t have to tell you that it creates a constant struggle of guessing, wondering and doubting yourself—and men.

“Is he the right man?”

“What does he really want?”

“Will this work out?”

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It creates a constant need for MORE.  A need to get on more apps. A need to meet more men. A need to put more time and effort into getting to know each other—needs that steal your time and keep you busy with dating.


AND, if you’ve been dating for any length of time, chances are you can relate to how much it causes you to feel overwhelmed, discouraged and exhausted with nothing to show for all your efforts.


Now, if attracting your man seems like an “unrealistic dream” or an “impossible goal,” it’s time to say goodbye to the “dating is hard” mindset so you don’t stay single and stuck in the old way of dating.

What’s going to happen in your love life when you start using Eniostyle to attract your man?

You’re going to quickly discover that Eniostyle is the most effective, fastest and easiest way to attract your man.

And not just ANY man but your ideal type of man (“dual partner” in Eniostlyle terms) who’s perfectly compatible with you.

The kind of man who accepts and loves you exactly as you are. And who gives you exactly what you need without you having to ask for it.

If you’re a very busy woman who wants to attract her man fast, you’re about to GET a simple, proven and complete roadmap.

Now, you might be thinking: 

“People have been meeting each other and falling in love forever without Eniostyle. Why do I need it?”

Well, they have. For most, it usually goes like this: two people feel attraction, fall in love and think they’ve found “the One.”


But, as you probably already know from your own experience, it isn’t as simple and easy later on.

Because after the initial chemistry-based attraction fades away within the first year, what are you left with?


How many women do you know that fell madly in love with a man who was wrong for them and had their heart broken?


Which brings me to THIS question:


Is just relying on attraction enough to make one of the most important decisions of your life: who you will spend the rest of your life with?


Of course not.

indian woman sad alone.jpeg

Chances are, you’re familiar with the statistics:




of new couples break up within the first year. 

(Stanford Study)

of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce or separation. 

(WF Lawyers 115 Studies)

The #1 leading reason for divorce is "basic incompatibility." (Institute DFA Research)

Being a smart, successful woman, I know this is no surprise to you.


You’ve probably been a part of some of these statistics yourself, right?


So, do you really need to understand, recognize and choose the most compatible type of man—the One—for you so that you can have a loving relationship that naturally works? 



The answer is YES!

black woman sad 1.jpg

But . . .


Would you be able to quickly attract the most compatible man with ease and certainly without relying on Eniostyle?


Probably not.


So what’s the BEST way?


To use a proven system to attract your soulmate . . .



Or to continue to do the same things that don’t work? 

A woman using Eniostyle has a very different dating mindset and approach from a woman who isn’t.

Women not using Eniostyle


Women using Eniostyle


Think about and approach dating as something that requires a lot of time and effort

Approach dating with a few simple, specific and strategic steps that attract their ideal type of men with minimum time and effort


Think finding love is a matter of luck, chance and circumstances

Think finding love is a matter of the right mindset, approach and action


Are afraid of being rejected, criticized and getting hurt

Are aware of inherent incompatibility between certain types and simply avoid them


Pretend to be someone else in order to be liked by men

Show up in an authentic and unapologetic way


Don’t realize they chose inherently incompatible men

Intentionally choose only compatible types of men


Have doubts, fears and insecurities about choosing the wrong man.

Have clarity, confidence and certainty about choosing the right man


Keep making the same mistakes without even realizing it

Are aware of, learn from and avoid making mistakes from the past



Women using Eniostyle create their love life by design—their design!

They don’t wait on the sidelines. They take action — the right action!


They don’t go in circles by doing the same old things. They get results by doing new and different things.


They don’t follow generic dating advice. They follow personalized dating advice.


They don’t allow circumstances to determine their future love life. They create their future love life now — despite circumstances.

When you let go of the “dating is hard” mindset by using Eniostyle, you’ll finally shift from searching for love to actually creating your own love story.

Using Eniostyle, you’ll be able to quickly and easily:

Search, filter and recognize your ideal type of man 

Spark an instant, genuine and lasting attraction

Spot red flags, set boundaries and avoid bad situations

Attract your dream man with fewer dates and minimum time and effort

Without using Eniostyle, it’s like being blindfolded and dating “in the dark,” because you don’t know what type of man is in front of you—whether he’s compatible with you, or what it’s going to be like to be with him.

The dating landscape has completely changed in the last few years.

If you don’t know your type . . .


If you don’t know your soulmate’s type . . .


If you don’t know how to find, recognize and attract him . . .

Then it’s going to be very tough to find love.


Your love life is too important to leave to chance.

The biggest dating myths actually hurt your ability to love and keep you single.

Myth #1:

ALL men can be categorized as ''right” or ''wrong.”

Truth #1: 

Specific types are inherently compatible with your type.

Others aren’t.


The REAL truth is that every person is born with a specific set of inherent qualities which make up their personality type.

That’s why it’s a broken strategy to rely on a superficial, simplified categorization of men that makes it very difficult to find your man.


The worst part is that you can spend the rest of your life searching for and getting into relationships with inherently incompatible men.

Myth #2:

The same dating strategy will work with any man.

Truth #2: 

The same strategy will work with one type but not another.


That’s why it’s a “hit or miss” approach that can keep you “in the dark,” never knowing what will work and why.


The worst part is that after a few failures you may start wondering, “What am I doing wrong?” and feel a lack of confidence.

Myth #3:

“Mr. Perfect” exists. You just have to find him.

Truth #3: 

A “perfect man” with all the types’ qualities equally doesn’t exist.


That’s why your “ideal man” list can actually keep you single. It blocks you from connecting with real men and prevents you from choosing the most compatible partner.


The worst part is that you can be searching for “Mr. Perfect” for years (even a lifetime!) without ever finding him.

Myth #4:

Search for a man who’s just like you.

Truth #4: 

You can be with a man of the same type as yours, but something will be missing, which will create challenges in your relationship.


That’s why some couples constantly fight, try to change each other and work hard on their relationships.


The worst part is that while you search for a man of the same type, you miss out on connecting with someone who would be perfect for you.

Myth #5:

You have to do and say certain things to attract a man.

Truth #5: 

You can’t attract your soulmate by trying to do and say things that aren’t aligned with who you really are.


That’s why you can say and do “all the right things” and still not be able to attract the kind of man you want.


The worst part is that you lose the connection to yourself and block any possibility to attract your soulmate.