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Are you ready to find lasting love?

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You can find the right man in just a few simple steps. 
Even if it hasn’t worked out in the past.

Your current age, location and amount of free time are enough.

Are you dating "blindfolded?"

Do any of these sound like you . . .

You’re spending a lot of time on online dating and texting but aren’t attractingquality of men.

You’re meeting men and going on dates but aren’t finding the right man.

You‘re mostly staying busy at work and aren’t easily available for dating

If you can say YES to ANY of these, you’re most likely dating "blindfolded.”

Let's say goodbye to dating "blindfolded."

It’s a way of searching for love that wastes time and energy on the wrong things.

It’s based on some of the biggest myths about what it takes to find love.

It causes feelings of overwhelm, frustration, confusion and disappointment. 

It leads to spending hours on dating apps and texting without finding anyone. 

It creates  a vicious cycle of attracting the same kind of men . . . repeating old patterns . . . without finding the One.

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“Dating blindfolded” is the reason why smart and successful women stay single no matter what they do.

It falsely assumes that your ability to find love is dependent on obvious things like dating apps, online photos and places to meet men so dating more, harder and longer are the main strategy. 

And, you probably already know that this isn't working.

Think about it . . .

if it really worked, wouldn’t you (and every single woman who’s been trying hard to find love) already be in a happy relationship by now?

And if you can relate . . .


Don’t feel bad… It’s not your fault!


If you’re like most single women searching for the right man, most likely you’ve been “dating blindfolded.”

But that’s okay! It’s what you learned and knew . . . until now!

When dating "blindfolded," your ability to find the right man is dependent on obvious things like where you live, what dating apps you use, what you say in your profile and how many dates you go on. 

But the truth is . . .

These tangible things are never the reason why some women find love and others don’t. 

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And when you put in time and effort into these things but still can’t find the right man, chances are you start doubting yourself, men and dating. Asking questions like,

“What am I doing wrong? ”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“Why can’t I find love?”

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“Dating blindfolded” creates a lot of mind drama—and a need to do more . . . get on more apps . . . meet more men . . . go on more dates . . . and put more time and effort into dating. Dating blindfolded is exhausting and frustrating.

If you’ve been dating for any length of time, chances are you can relate to the experience of trying different things but still not getting the results you want.

Now, if finding the right man seems like looking for a needle in a haystack, then it’s time to say goodbye to dating "blindfolded” so you solve the problem of finding love once and for all.

I will give you a PROVEN process to find the right man. Guaranteed.

In the past 12 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women find love and get into their dream relationships.

I’ve created the simplest, fastest and surest process to do it without wasting time in dating, spinning in mind dramas and doing the wrong things that don’t work.

Simplest means you’ll find love with just five specific steps that guarantee you results. 

Fastest means you’ll avoid spending months messaging men and going on dates that don’t lead to a relationship.

Surest means you’ll get into a lasting relationship with the right man for you so it’s easy to be together.

It's proven, because it works—for every woman who uses it.

Including you.

Which brings me to this question:

What makes a man right for you?

Chances are, your answer includes:
Mutual attraction, desire and love.
Shared values, interests and goals.

Both of you can be yourselves.

It’s easy to be together.

So you create a stable and lasting relationship.

All of which can be put into one simple word:


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Now, you’re probably familiar with some of these statistics:




of new couples break up within the first year. 

(Stanford Study)

of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce or separation. 

(WF Lawyers 115 Studies)

The #1 leading reason for divorce is "basic incompatibility." (Institute DFA Research)

Being a smart woman, I know this is not news to you.


You may have been part of some of these statistics yourself, right?


So, would it be valuable to choose a life partner who’s highly compatible with you? 


The answer is YES!

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But . . .


Would you be able to find him quickly and surely without knowing exactly how?


Not sure.

In Love by Design, we remove the “blindfold” so you no longer experience mind drama and confusion about yourself, men and dating.

Outside Love by Design

Inside Love by Design

Date in a way that requires lots of time and effort

Date using a simple 5-step process with less time and effort


Think love is a matter of luck, lots of action or circumstances 

Manage your mind and date with less drama


Become slowed down by self-doubt, fear and mind drama

Know how to recognize the right types of men quickly 


Feel unsure about how to recognize the right types of men

Learn from and avoid the same mistakes


Make the same mistakes over and over again

Find the right man. Period.


“Love by Design and personality typing opened my eyes to a whole new reality where dating is transparent, simple and predictable. 
I love Polina’s metaphor about taking the blindfold off. That’s exactly what happened. I can see clearly now and recognize the right man for me!” 

— Irina

When you remove the “blindfold” by following a simple process for finding the right man, it becomes not just possible, but inevitable for you.

Inside Love by Design, you’ll be able to quickly and easily:

Search, filter and recognize the most compatible men for you

Spark an instant, genuine and lasting attraction with men

Spot red flags, set boundaries and know how to handle any situation

Find the right man with fewer dates, and less time and effort 

This is the LAST investment you’ll ever make into finding love.

I’ll give you everything you need to know so that the dating process is clear, simple and leads to a relationship.


And the simplest, fastest and easiest way to do that is . . .

. . . by using Eniostyle—the most effective personality typing system in the world.

With Eniostyle (which you can learn in just a few hours inside Love by Design), you will:

       Learn as much about ANY man within minutes—which in the past would have taken you weeks or even months 

       Get a highly effective, personalized dating strategy so that you can find the right man with much less time and effort than ever before

       Remove uncertainty, self-doubt and fears about choosing the wrong person once and for all

If you want a proven, simple process to find the right man faster and easier, then this is the perfect solution for you.

“My life can be described as ‘before’ and ‘after’ I joined Love by Design and learned Eniostyle. In just a matter of weeks, I’ve been able to understand, get total clarity and find all the answers I’ve been searching for.”

— Georgia


Love by Design is like nothing else out there.
It’s a complete, proven 5-step process to find the right man. 

And your result is guaranteed. 

I work with you until you find the right man 

My standard is that you get a 100% RESULT.

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5 Modules 

By the time you complete these five modules inside Love by Design, you’ll develop the deepest level of understanding, acceptance and awareness of yourself and men that will serve you for the rest of your life. You’ll develop the right mindset and the right skill set for meeting, dating and choosing your man. You won’t need anything else to find the love of your life.

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It’s time to shift what’s possible for you in love, just like for other members of Love by Design . . .

When you date using this process, you won’t be asking:

     “How do I get him to ask me out?”

     “Why do men disappear?”

     “Why won’t he commit?”


When you date using this process, men you meet will think:

     “When can I see her (again)?”

     “Would she want to be my girlfriend?” 

     “How should I propose to her?”

You will think differently. 
You will elevate energy. 
You will find LOVE.

And when you get started with this process, you’ll also get help with:

Managing your mind so you can manage any situation with any man

Building self-confidence so you can attract higher quality men

Typing men so you can date fewer, yet highly compatible men

Evaluating your dates so you can adjust and find the right man faster

As a professional certified dating coach with 12 years of experience, I know the exact struggles you have, where you get stuck—and what you need to stay on track, make progress and get results.

When you enroll in Love by Design, you’ll receive instant on-demand LIFETIME access to the entire process.

And your result is guaranteed. You either find the right man or we give you back your entire investment. It’s that simple.


Module #1:
Understanding Types


The 7 psychology-backed criteria to determine anyone’s type

Core values, strengths and weaknesses, needs and desires of each type

How to discover, align and express yourself authentically in your type

How to recognize compatible and incompatible types of men for you

How to spot red flags that show men who aren’t a good fit for you
How to know MORE about any man in minutes when it used to take you weeks


“I uncovered the exact reasons why I struggled in my past relationships, how I twisted myself into a pretzel and why I kept choosing the wrong type of men. I realized that there’s nothing wrong with me, and some men are simply incompatible with me. I learned to ‘type’ men, which is fascinating. And, I ‘returned to myself’ by discovering my type and developing a new relationship with myself. Now I understand, accept and love myself unconditionally.

— Mary

Module #2:
Meeting Men


The 3 simple steps to meeting men online or in real life

How to spark an instant and lasting attraction with men

Where and how to meet men with confidence and ease.

How to become a Chooser who attracts quality men.

How to flirt with men in a natural, easy and safe way

How to meet men anywhere, any time, no matter your circumstances

“What I discovered in this one module has rocked my world. For years I’ve heard people talk about attraction and energy vibration. But no one ever told me how attraction between different personality types works, and what I needed to do differently to attract not just any man, but specifically my ideal partner.”

— Lily

“Because I had a traumatic experience in the past, I was scared to flirt and be playful with men. It sounds unbelievable, but I am a ‘man magnet’ now. I can walk down the street and get a man I’m interested in to smile back at me and start talking with me.“

— Alicia

Module #3:
Communicating with a Clear Mind


How to manage your thoughts and feelings so you can show up in attractive energy

How to communicate without mind drama and negative emotions

How to create emotional intimacy and connection that leads to more

How to influence men so they respond to you in the way you want

How to manage ANY dating situation in an effective way

“This module is a goldmine! Before Love by Design, I was unsure, uncertain and afraid to say something ‘wrong,’ so I would often hold back and say nothing. I can’t thank Polina enough because now I know exactly what to say to any type of man in ANY situation from a place of emotional openness, maturity and intimacy. She’s given me my voice back! As someone who was in abusive relationships in the past, I feel like a different woman. Thank you, Polina.”

— Jessica

“Polina, I can’t believe it! Just like you said, after I followed your process, my ex showed up! Funny how it works. I let go of my old thoughts about my past relationship and now the Universe is testing me. If it wasn’t for you and Love by Design, I wouldn’t know what to do next and would have repeated the same old patterns.”

— Amelia

Module #4:
Dating Men


How to get asked on dates with just a few specific messages

How to go on fewer yet higher quality dates with compatible men

How to show up on your dates that leave men wanting more

How to evaluate date so that every date gets better and you find your man faster

How to master the art of dating so you learn, grow and have FUN!

“The fact that I don’t need to go on many dates with many men is such a RELIEF! As a single mom with a full-time job, being able to date less and find the right man faster is everything. I can actually do it.

— Lourdes

“Before Love by Design, I kept going from one disappointing first date to the next. It never occurred to me that I had so much power to influence, inspire and change the direction of my date! I feel so empowered now with these incredible tools you created. Thank you!”

— Nadia

Module #5:
Choosing the Right Man


How to position yourself as a Chooser who has options of quality men

How to decide which of these men gets to be the right one

How to shift from dating into an exclusive relationship

How to take the next step to build a strong foundation for your new relationship

How to find love for the last time so you can live your best life! 


“After joining Love by Design, I met my ideal dual partner and we instantly connected. There were no red flags. It’s been magical. It’s such an incredible feeling to be in this kind of dual relationship. I wish every woman could experience the same kind of ease.”

— Ellen

“I wish someone had told me many years ago about being Chooser and personality typing! A mistake I didn’t even know I was making was choosing men who weren’t compatible with me. I spent years bouncing from one dysfunctional relationship to the next, desperately trying to make it work. Now I have the power to choose my ideal life partner who’s going to accept, value and love me exactly as I am.”

— Nora

By the end of these five core modules, you’ll have everything you need to find the right man. 

What makes Love by Design so EFFECTIVE and a no-brainer to join is that we have the highest success rate of members meeting their ideal types of men (and a money-back guarantee to prove it).

Program Guarantee


You either attract your ideal type of man with our Love by Design process,  or we give back your entire investment.


“I’ve bought different online courses and programs in the past but haven’t seen anything like Polina’s guarantee of 100% results. It’s absolutely mind blowing to have someone in my life who has so much confidence in my ability to find love. I just have to show up and follow the steps and . . . boom! This week I already met three new men, have one date set up and another in the making!” 

— Celine

DSCF8003 1.jpg

Here’s why it works for EVERY woman who joins us:


No matter your personal background, past relationships or current dating experience, Love by Design will give you the best coaching and dating tools on the planet to find love. 


I have invested over 12 years and over $300,000 into creating this unique, proprietary system. 


We focus only on what is essential for you in order to find the right man in the most efficient way, while helping you manage your mind and let go of  the drama that gets in the way.


We give you UNLIMITED coaching so that you get every bit of personalized guidance to ensure you get the results you came for.

When you join Love by Design . . ..


You master managing your thoughts and feelings.

You master understanding men.

You master communicating with a clear mind.

You master meeting and dating men.

You learn how to solve any dating situation.

You find the right man—period.

We work together until you find love.

“Polina, I can’t believe it! Just like you said, after I followed your process, my ex showed up! Funny how it works. I completely let go of my past and now the Universe is testing me. If it wasn’t for you and Love by Design, I wouldn’t know what to do next and would have repeated the same old patterns.

— Shannon

“Seriously, this bonus alone is worth the entire investment in the program! I literally spent thousands of dollars working with a therapist and still couldn’t let go of my ex. It’s mind blowing that I’m finally ready to move on. I’m so DONE with my past blocks now! Thank you for completely shifting my perspective and getting me out of my rut. I just wish I’d found you much sooner!”

— Brianna

“My time is very limited. So instead of telling me to watch videos, read articles and listen to audios on how to do all those things you’re supposed to do in dating, Polina handed me “done-for-me” checklists and guides that save me tons of time!”

— Antonette

“Let me tell you what a relief it is to use a simple one-page checklist to figure out a man’s type! And another one-page guide to assess a man’s quality in the first conversation.”

— Mariz

Now, you're probably wondering . . .

“Polina, it sounds amazing! What's the investment?”


Love by Design is the LAST investment you’ll ever make to find love for the last time.

One that will pay you back for the rest of your life . . . by allowing you to becoming a woman who creates a loving relationship and lives the life you’ve always dreamed about.

The value of the on-demand LIFETIME access to the 5-step Love By Design program is $5,997.

But that’s not the amount you’ll invest now.


“Love by Design is everything that I was missing for 20 years before I found it. It gave me a clear roadmap that ANY woman can follow. For the first time ever I stopped guessing, wondering and trying to reinvent the wheel. I simply began to apply what works and saw instant shifts. It’s absolutely amazing that I can say now that in just four months I found my man and he already asked me to be his girlfriend. Now we’re planning to go on a romantic getaway weekend to Cabo San Lucas. He’s taking care of all the travel expenses so my investment in the program has been paid back! Thank you Polina and your team!”

— Susan

Plus, I have 4 EXTRA BENEFITS for you!

When you enroll in Love by Design, you get FOUR EXTRA BENEFITS to help you find the right man simpler, faster and easier.

1. Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls 

Get coached personally and learn from watching others get coached to change your belief systems that don’t serve you, increase your skill set and build confidence. You’ll be coached on personality types, meeting men, dating, communicating with a clear mind and choosing the right man. These calls are packed with value and help you remove any obstacles and navigate through the entire dating process, so that you find love faster and easier.

Attract Your Ideal TYpe of Man 2022 (28).png

“Seriously, these coaching calls alone are worth the entire investment in the program! I literally spent thousands of dollars working with a therapist and still couldn’t let go of my past and start dating again. It’s mind blowing that I’m finally ready to move on. I’m so DONE with my “thought efforts” that kept me single. Thank you for getting me out of my rut. I just wish I’d found you much sooner!”

— Nadia

Attract Your Ideal TYpe of Man 2022 (29).png

2. DAILY Ask a Coach

Receive one-on-one coaching and questions help on demand. Simply submit your questions and coaching requests. You will get personalized coaching tailored specifically for you as often as you need it to get the results you want. 

“Ask a Coach is gold because it saves me so much time. It’s like having a personal coach on-demand who walks you through every step in the dating process and gives you coaching that works specifically for you. What a huge help and relief to have customized support like this!” 

— Malia

3. Private Podcast

Access immediate downloadable coaching calls replays when you go for a walk, cooking, working out or getting ready for a date.

Attract Your Ideal TYpe of Man 2022 (30).png
Attract Your Ideal TYpe of Man 2022 (31).png

4. Our Community

This is the place to ask questions, share your wins, evaluate your dates, and celebrate your results. Dive into the learning, connecting, sharing and celebrating in our Facebook community 24/7.


“Because of Love by Design and its amazing community, I now speak a new language—Eniostyle—fluently because I can talk about North, East, etc. with people who understand me. Eniostyle makes not only dating but ALL relationships so easy! Thank you Polina and everyone in your community. I’ve made some incredible friends and feel like I have a place I can always return to and feel like home.”

— Wendy

So, let’s recap!

When you join Love by Design today,  you will get:


Instant on-demand LIFETIME access to Love by Design 

Weekly LIVE coaching calls 

DAILY Ask a Coach

Private Podcast 

Our Community







Attract Your Ideal TYpe of Man 2022 (27).png


“Thank you, Polina for putting so much of your time into Love by Design! This process is absolutely priceless and definitely worth 10x the investment!”

— Katia

13 group.png

“I look at my decision to join Love by Design as one of the BEST decisions I’ve made in my life. As a full-time contractor working in the Arctic, I was skeptical about being able to meet any men, not to mention my ideal type of man! But I chose to listen to the part inside me that was hopeful and craved love. Polina told me early on, ‘He may already be in your life. You just haven’t noticed him yet.’ And OMG was she right! I met my ideal partner at work. It’s been the easiest and most incredible relationship I’ve ever had. We’re getting engaged this year and I can’t thank Polina enough. Don’t listen to that doubtful and skeptical part of you. Do it!”

— Nancy

This will be the LAST investment you’ll ever make into finding love for the last time. You either find the right man or we give you your entire investment back.


When you enroll, I’ll donate a part of your investment to  Intensive Joy - Alegria Intensiva—a non-profit organization that transforms the hospital experience of sick or hospitalized children through clown art.

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Now, you probably have some questions . . .
and I have the answers:

If you don’t see the answer to your question, email us at

or contact us using Chat Live Support via Messenger (the button in the right-hand corner of this page)

  • 1. "What if I am afraid, I won’t find the right man?"
    That’s why you have weekly coaching calls with me and daily ask a coach and the most powerful tools to help you through this process. You don’t have to go through this alone. If you’re afraid of not finding your man as your biggest fear and worst-case scenario, you are already living it now. You don’t have the right man now so what the worst thing that can happen is? Now, your brain tells you all the reasons why you can’t do it, why it’s not going to work, why you’ll waste time, why you’ll spend money, you’ll get hurt, and the only way for it to be true is if you continuously listen to your brain that tells you the same old, familiar, limiting story. Think about what the future version of you who is already in a relationship with her dream man would tell you. Make a decision from the possibility of the future you want to create instead of from the fear and doubt and lack based on the past. That’s why I teach you how to self-coach so you can manage your own mind and get new results you want that you could get before. If you want to find love, we’ll help you inside Love by Design, we’ll teach you every step you need to go through to find the right person. It’s our proven process that all of our members who got into relationships have gone through. If they could do it. You can do it too.
  • 2. "What if I am very busy?"
    If you’re a very busy professional woman, then Love by Design is perfect for you because it was designed specifically with you in mind. You’ll get a customized targeted, highly effective dating strategy for your specific type that enables you to find the right man with just a quarter of the time and effort it takes women who aren’t using this process. You get to eliminate the overwhelm, frustration and wasted time and effort by focusing only on a few specific activities that get you results. Some of our type-A members went through the entire program in just one week and started applying what they learned right away and getting results like meeting new men and going on dates in the first week after joining. You can too when you enroll at
  • 3. "What if I am afraid that I won’t do the work?"
    That’s why we made it so simple, clear and doable so that ANY woman can follow just a few simple steps. There’s nothing extra that you have to do except for those steps. You get powerful tools to empower you to think differently so that you will do the work and get the results you want. You’ll learn how to be the boss lady of your own mind and you get to create your love life by design.
  • 4. "What if I’m not dating now?"
    Of all members in Love by Design, at the time of joining about a half are dating and a half are not. It’s a circumstance that has no impact on your ability to find love. Personally, I think it’s the BEST decision to get started dating again with the right tools and I highly recommend if you don’t date now, you join Love by Design before you start dating. The fact you aren’t dating now is the reason to join now. This is the most important investment you want to make in yourself before you put yourself out there.
  • 5. “What if I am dating but not meeting anyone?"
    If you’re dating now but not getting the results you want, I’ll teach you how to find the right man. As quickly as you want and ready to find him. And remember, just because it took a long time, was really hard or didn’t work in the past, doesn’t mean it has to be this way moving forward. It’s a new process. A new coach. A new possibility.

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