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The Messaging Men Framework (Part III of III) 📲

A couple of days ago, I shared why messaging men playfully is the most effective path to standing out, attracting and connecting with high-quality men. You can read Part I here. Then, yesterday, I shared three key indicators for successful messaging that men respond to in Part II here. So, if you want to message men in a way that attracts high-quality men and positions you as the Chooser so you can have the best options of men for a relationship, this final piece is critical: The 4-Part Messaging Men Framework.

Without it, you’ll struggle to communicate who you are—which means the kinds of men who you want to attract will move on. And that means you’ll stay stuck and frustrated with the same issues.

So, let’s solve that! Ready?

The Messaging Men Framework!

This is as simple as identifying four questions:

  1. Who specifically?

  2. What specifically?

  3. How specifically?

  4. When specifically?

  5. Why specifically?

The key word here being specific . . . like personality type specific. So let’s break this down in more detail.

#1. WHO specifically do you message?

You aren’t messaging everyone, so who exactly Iis it for? Personalized messaging based on understanding specific personality types can create a level of mutual attraction and connection that will blow your and his mind! What works with one man’s personality type will not work with another. For example, you can send a message like, “Good morning! 😁☀️ Guess what I’m having for breakfast now?🍳🧇 Hint: sweet, colorful and healthy😋!” to a South man and get almost an instant, detailed and full-of-emojis response.

But if you send the same message to a West man, you’re likely to hear nothing at all. Until maybe later in the day, when he’ll send you a brief message like, “Just saw your message. Let’s meet.”

So, if you don’t know what personality type of man you’re dealing with and if you use generic “one-size-fit-all” messages, you’ll have no idea why he messages the way he does—and, most importantly, what will work with him and what will not. #2. WHAT specifically do you message? What type of messages are you sending? Are they specific to a man’s personality type? Are they appealing to his primal and emotional brain? Or broad and generic? Boring, business-like or “robot-like”? Most women make the mistake of going into one of these extremes: Either Messaging TOO LITTLE Whether they don’t know what to say to a man or they passively wait for a man to message them first, this mistake costs them missed opportunities to turn an initial attraction into a meaningful connection that leads to a first date and . . . possibly their dream relationship.

Or Messaging TOO MUCH Most women of South and East personality types have a tendency to write a lot. Whether they feel like it in the moment or they get really emotional and start over-reacting in their messages (and later regretting sending them), this mistake costs them ruined chances to develop the initial attraction and connection into something more meaningful and lasting. Knowing and understanding your personality type helps you learn how to manage your emotional state and how to work with the extreme, sabotaging, “dark” sides of your type.

#3 HOW specifically do you message? There are multiple paths to the same destination: attracting your man. But . . . whether you meet him at a local farmer’s market, on the airplane or on a dating app, there will be a point when he’ll ask for your phone number. And, once he has your number, chances are he’s going to start messaging you directly. As you already know, how you message is going to determine whether he’ll ask you out on a first date (and more dates!) or it’s going to end before it even starts. When you message in an authentic and playful way that’s aligned with both your and his personality types, I can assure you he’s going to respond, and your communication will lead to more. #4 WHY specifically do you message?

When you message a man, what’s the purpose of your message? Most women make a huge mistake in messaging men without any specific outcome. And later they wonder why it didn’t go anywhere and was a total waste of time.

Do you want to increase his level of attraction? Do you want him to get more interested in getting to know you? Do you want him to keep thinking about you all day? Do you want him to ask you out on a romantic date this weekend? What makes your message clear, specific and purpose-driven? There’s a specific personalized strategy for messaging for every personality type of man that works with almost mathematical certainty.

Now it’s your turn!

If you want to master messaging men so you can attract your man,, you’ll need to accurately answer those four questions. Everything from your messages on dating apps, social media platforms, texting apps and emails gets impacted by the answers to those four questions.

And if you don’t know the answers, how will high-quality men keep messaging you . . . let alone ask you out on an actual date?!

So, if you are feeling stuck here, and you know much it’s costing you to stay stuck . . . I want to help you!

I’m hosting a live virtual workshop called Attract Your Man Messaging Workshop”! And until this Friday, you can get the $147 workshop for just $47!

Plus . . . I’m offering the best guarantee ever: If you don’t master messaging men by the end of the workshop, I’ll give you a complete refund . . . and let you keep the recordings, PDFs and bonuses! 🎁 You have nothing to lose! You can get all the details and get yourself registered here.

See you at the live workshop!

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