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The Top 5 Signs He’s a Player

If you wonder if a guy you’re dating is a player, I’ve come up with the biggest signs that he is. Here they are:

1. He has no interest in getting to know you and understanding your wants, needs, and desires.

He’s self-centered and has the one-dimensional interest in you. If you are telling him that you feel stressed out because you had an argument with your coworker and hardly met a deadline at work, he won’t ever think about asking you more questions or giving you advice. Instead, he’ll joke that he knows exactly how to release your stress and make a move to having sex with you.

2. He doesn’t want to make plans in advance.

He doesn’t prioritize and value spending time with you and he avoids any kind of commitment. For example, when you tell him that you’d appreciated if he asked you out a few days ahead, he challenges you by saying something like, “I live in the moment. Have you ever tried it?”

3. He communicates inconsistently.

He isn’t invested into creating a relationship with you so he doesn’t care if things progress between you. Some days he might text you daily, then he can disappear for a couple of weeks until he texts you again like nothing happened.

4. He doesn’t ask you out on real dates.

He isn’t interested in spending quality time with you and isn’t willing to put any effort into dating you. For instance, he’ll text you on Friday night with an invitation for you to come over for drinks to a bar near where he lives or just at his place.

5. He says and does different things.

He’ll say anything to get what he wants from you but he won’t follow up on his promises. He has no integrity and his words don’t mean anything. For instance, he might talk about taking you out to a comedy club you’ve been wanting to go to next Friday night but when it comes, he’ll say that he has to work late and instead suggest to hang out at his place.

Have you seen one or more of these signs on him yet? Let me know by leaving a comment below. I’d be glad to help!

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