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Do You Want to Find the Right Man?

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Do you want to find love without trying hard and wasting time?

Discover the most effective, easiest and fastest way to attract your ideal type of man with the proven personality typing system, Eniostyle!

Find love, attract high-quality men

This is for you if you’re a busy professional woman who is:

Disappointed, frustrated and discouraged by the kind of men you meet

Overwhelmed, confused and exhausted by the kind of dating experiences you have

Uncertain, doubtful and even scared to start dating again and avoid putting yourself out there

The personality typing system called Eniostyle is the most powerful relationship tool in the world. It gives you exactly everything you need to recognize, find, attract and date your ideal type of man so that you can get into an easy, loving and lasting relationship.

When you learn to use Eniostyle, you’ll be blown away at what type of relationship you're able to create and  how simple and easy dating is.

This proven process is simple to learn and easy to use so that you can create new and better results in your personal life with less time and effort than anything you’ve tried before.

Love by Design gives you the most effective tools and cutting-edge training so that you can create incredible results in your love life.

Inside, you get a personalized step-by-step blueprint to actually attract your ideal life partner.

Are you ready to get started?

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Knowing your personality type will help you understand, accept and love yourself completely. And, it will instantly tell you what types of men are ideal for you. When you align with and fully express yourself in your type, you’ll attract your ideal type of man much easier and faster. 

Discover Your Personality Type

Are you ready to finally find the right man—without wasting your time and energy on dating the wrong guys?


If YES, schedule a free private “Attract Your Man Now” consultation with me now.

Attract Your Man Now

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What Others Are Saying . . .


“Polina has helped me to identify my limiting beliefs and my fears, both associated with the relationship and in general.”


“Now I'm more focused on what do I want to create in life, and I'm more focused on stepping into my feminine energy. And as a result of all of that work that you've made me do, I'm much more relaxed and happier.”



“I was very happy to find Polina and her personality system. It's like, oh, my gosh . . .  this is a real life-changer!”


“After learning Eniostyle, and practicing it for a while, it got a lot easier to choose the right kind of guys for me—getting clear on who I was looking for, getting more clear on who I am, my own personality type and living fully in that type, and being radiant and happy with who I am.”


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