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Attract Your Ideal Type of Man with Eniostyle
OR ...
Your Money Back!

If you are a single professional woman and you want to be done with the struggle, fear and frustration of dating . . .

Then it’s time for Eniostyle—the proven personality-typing system for meeting your man without trying hard and wasting time!

Most professional single women looking for love face one major hidden obstacle.

What is it?


Well, before I tell you, let me ask you a question . . .


Which of these apply to you?

You feel disappointed, frustrated and discouraged by the lack of quality of men you meet online. It feels like you’re going in circles and wasting your time on the wrong guys.

You feel overwhelmed, confused and exhausted by the amount of messages and dates that go nowhere.  It feels like you are putting in a lot of effort with little return.

You feel uncertain, doubtful and even scared to start dating again. You feel like you’re not ready, so you avoid putting yourself out there.

If you can see how ANY of these applies to you . . .


. . . It’s because most likely you’ve been operating from the “dating Is hard” mindset.


Most single women who struggle to find love make the mistake of having the “dating is hard” mindset but with this mindset, you’ll just continue to struggle and stay single.

Say goodbye to the “dating is hard” mindset.

It’s a certain way of thinking that causes most women like you to struggle in your search for love.

It’s based on the biggest myths that society, the media and some “dating gurus” are telling you.

It puts you on the path to overwhelm, frustration, confusion and disappointment in dating from the get-go.

It’s a hidden reason that causes you to feel like a hamster on a wheel.

It causes you emotional pain, wasting time, energy and resources on men who can never give you what you need. 

It’s what keeps you spending countless hours on dating apps, texting men and going on dates — without getting into an actual relationship.

It’s what causes you worry, anxiety and self-doubt when you’re lying in bed alone, unable to fall asleep and thinking, “What am I doing wrong?”

It’s what leads you on a vicious cycle of attracting the same wrong types of men . . . repeating old patterns . . . and aimlessly dating without finding true love.

black woman drinking home.jpeg

The “dating is hard” mindset is what keeps you busy dating and staying single. 

It falsely assumes that your ability to find love is dependent on your time and effort (which you never have enough of), so “dating more,” “dating harder” and “dating longer” becomes your main strategy. And I don’t have to tell you that’s a broken strategy.


Think about it: if it really worked, wouldn’t you (and every single woman who’s been trying hard to find love) already be in a happy relationship by now?


Or are you telling me that you haven’t tried hard enough? 

And if that applies to you, too . . .


Don’t feel bad… It’s not your fault!


If you’re like most  single women who struggle to find love, chances are you’re approaching dating from this erroneous “dating is hard” mindset that you learned from others.


But that’s okay! It’s all that you knew . . . until now!


With the “dating is hard” mindset, your ability to attract your ideal type of man is dependent on your time and effort. You’re constrained by your external circumstances instead of taking clear, specific and strategic actions that get you what you want.

photo_2022-02-04_00-52-03 1.jpg

And I don’t have to tell you that it creates a constant struggle of guessing, wondering and doubting yourself—and men.

“Is he the right man?”

“What does he really want?”

“Will this work out?”

woman sad white.jpeg
black sad with phone.jpeg
asian woman sad.jpeg
white woman alone.jpg

It creates a constant need for MORE.  A need to get on more apps. A need to meet more men. A need to put more time and effort into getting to know each other—needs that steal your time and keep you busy with dating.


AND, if you’ve been dating for any length of time, chances are you can relate to how much it causes you to feel overwhelmed, discouraged and exhausted with nothing to show for all your efforts.


Now, if attracting your man seems like an “unrealistic dream” or an “impossible goal,” it’s time to say goodbye to the “dating is hard” mindset so you don’t stay single and stuck in the old way of dating.

What’s going to happen in your love life when you start using Eniostyle to attract your man?

You’re going to quickly discover that Eniostyle is the most effective, fastest and easiest way to attract your man.

And not just ANY man but your ideal type of man (“dual partner” in Eniostlyle terms) who’s perfectly compatible with you.

The kind of man who accepts and loves you exactly as you are. And who gives you exactly what you need without you having to ask for it.

If you’re a very busy woman who wants to attract her man fast, you’re about to GET a simple, proven and complete roadmap.

Now, you might be thinking: 

“People have been meeting each other and falling in love forever without Eniostyle. Why do I need it?”

Well, they have. For most, it usually goes like this: two people feel attraction, fall in love and think they’ve found “the One.”


But, as you probably already know from your own experience, it isn’t as simple and easy later on.

Because after the initial chemistry-based attraction fades away within the first year, what are you left with?


How many women do you know that fell madly in love with a man who was wrong for them and had their heart broken?


Which brings me to THIS question:


Is just relying on attraction enough to make one of the most important decisions of your life: who you will spend the rest of your life with?


Of course not.

indian woman sad alone.jpeg

Chances are, you’re familiar with the statistics:




of new couples break up within the first year. 

(Stanford Study)

of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce or separation. 

(WF Lawyers 115 Studies)

The #1 leading reason for divorce is "basic incompatibility." (Institute DFA Research)

Being a smart, successful woman, I know this is no surprise to you.


You’ve probably been a part of some of these statistics yourself, right?


So, do you really need to understand, recognize and choose the most compatible type of man—the One—for you so that you can have a loving relationship that naturally works? 



The answer is YES!

black woman sad 1.jpg

But . . .


Would you be able to quickly attract the most compatible man with ease and certainly without relying on Eniostyle?


Probably not.


So what’s the BEST way?


To use a proven system to attract your soulmate . . .



Or to continue to do the same things that don’t work? 

A woman using Eniostyle has a very different dating mindset and approach from a woman who isn’t.

Women not using Eniostyle


Women using Eniostyle


Think about and approach dating as something that requires a lot of time and effort

Approach dating with a few simple, specific and strategic steps that attract their ideal type of men with minimum time and effort


Think finding love is a matter of luck, chance and circumstances

Think finding love is a matter of the right mindset, approach and action


Are afraid of being rejected, criticized and getting hurt

Are aware of inherent incompatibility between certain types and simply avoid them


Pretend to be someone else in order to be liked by men

Show up in an authentic and unapologetic way


Don’t realize they chose inherently incompatible men

Intentionally choose only compatible types of men


Have doubts, fears and insecurities about choosing the wrong man.

Have clarity, confidence and certainty about choosing the right man


Keep making the same mistakes without even realizing it

Are aware of, learn from and avoid making mistakes from the past



Women using Eniostyle create their love life by design—their design!

They don’t wait on the sidelines. They take action — the right action!


They don’t go in circles by doing the same old things. They get results by doing new and different things.


They don’t follow generic dating advice. They follow personalized dating advice.


They don’t allow circumstances to determine their future love life. They create their future love life now — despite circumstances.

When you let go of the “dating is hard” mindset by using Eniostyle, you’ll finally shift from searching for love to actually creating your own love story.

Using Eniostyle, you’ll be able to quickly and easily:

Search, filter and recognize your ideal type of man 

Spark an instant, genuine and lasting attraction

Spot red flags, set boundaries and avoid bad situations

Attract your dream man with fewer dates and minimum time and effort

Without using Eniostyle, it’s like being blindfolded and dating “in the dark,” because you don’t know what type of man is in front of you—whether he’s compatible with you, or what it’s going to be like to be with him.

The dating landscape has completely changed in the last few years.

If you don’t know your type . . .


If you don’t know your soulmate’s type . . .


If you don’t know how to find, recognize and attract him . . .

Then it’s going to be very tough to find love.


Your love life is too important to leave to chance.

The biggest dating myths actually hurt your ability to love and keep you single.

Myth #1:

ALL men can be categorized as ''right” or ''wrong.”

Truth #1: 

Specific types are inherently compatible with your type.

Others aren’t.


The REAL truth is that every person is born with a specific set of inherent qualities which make up their personality type.

That’s why it’s a broken strategy to rely on a superficial, simplified categorization of men that makes it very difficult to find your man.


The worst part is that you can spend the rest of your life searching for and getting into relationships with inherently incompatible men.

Myth #2:

The same dating strategy will work with any man.

Truth #2: 

The same strategy will work with one type but not another.


That’s why it’s a “hit or miss” approach that can keep you “in the dark,” never knowing what will work and why.


The worst part is that after a few failures you may start wondering, “What am I doing wrong?” and feel a lack of confidence.

Myth #3:

“Mr. Perfect” exists. You just have to find him.

Truth #3: 

A “perfect man” with all the types’ qualities equally doesn’t exist.


That’s why your “ideal man” list can actually keep you single. It blocks you from connecting with real men and prevents you from choosing the most compatible partner.


The worst part is that you can be searching for “Mr. Perfect” for years (even a lifetime!) without ever finding him.

Myth #4:

Search for a man who’s just like you.

Truth #4: 

You can be with a man of the same type as yours, but something will be missing, which will create challenges in your relationship.


That’s why some couples constantly fight, try to change each other and work hard on their relationships.


The worst part is that while you search for a man of the same type, you miss out on connecting with someone who would be perfect for you.

Myth #5:

You have to do and say certain things to attract a man.

Truth #5: 

You can’t attract your soulmate by trying to do and say things that aren’t aligned with who you really are.


That’s why you can say and do “all the right things” and still not be able to attract the kind of man you want.


The worst part is that you lose the connection to yourself and block any possibility to attract your soulmate.

That’s EXACTLY why I’m giving you the most effective way to attract your man without getting blocked by these myths.
And the best and only PROVEN way to do that is with . . .



You can learn as much about  ANY man within minutes . . .

as it would take a woman months without using Eniostyle!

Imagine how much more clarity, certainty and confidence you’ll have!  

You get a highly effective, personalized dating strategy

so that you can attract your man with a small fraction of time and effort.

Imagine how much more enjoyable, easy and fun dating will be when you start using only proven, actionable steps tailored for you.  What would it do for you and your dating experience?

You remove uncertainty, self-doubt and fears in dating.

imagine how much easier and faster you’ll shift from being single to being in a happy relationship.

It seems like the shortest and fastest solution, doesn’t it?


So if you agree that Eniostyle is the most important thing you need in order to attract your man, then let’s move on.

Polina Solda’s

Love by Design is not a “dating course” like others you may have taken.
It’s a complete, proven, step-by-step roadmap to attract your man . . .
Or your money back!

Attract Your Ideal TYpe of Man 2022 (75).png

7 Core Training Modules 

By the time you complete these modules, you’ll understand and accept yourself and men at a new level. You’ll attract, meet, flirt with and communicate with high-quality compatible men.

10 Live Coaching Calls

Get powerful coaching and guidance so that you can create breakthroughs, increase confidence and take the right action until you attract your man.

Individual Guidance

Receive ongoing individual guidance, feedback and accountability from a Love by Design Guide, so that you feel taken care of every step of the way.

Action Guides

Take immediate action steps so you can get quick, real results in your life.

Private Community

Share, connect with and learn from other members on a day-to-day basis so that you never feel alone, and also make lifelong friends.

Group 69.png

It’s time to shift what’s possible for you in love, just like these Love by Design members . . .

Each core training module contains short videos, audios, transcripts and exercises specifically designed for you to take the right action and make progress so that you get real results (not just learn information).


Most importantly, you get a compass and a map to navigate through the dating process.


You wouldn’t go out boating in the ocean without a compass and a map, would you? Of course not! So, why would you go out without those in dating?


Just follow the proven, simple, personalized steps.


“My life can be described as ‘before’ and ‘after’ I joined Love by Design and learned Eniostyle. In just a matter of weeks, I’ve been able to understand, get total clarity and find all the answers I’ve been searching for.”

— Georgia

See what’s waiting for you inside once you enroll . . .


“Why did he do this?”


“Why did he say that?”

The Secret Key to Understanding Yourself and Any Type of Man

In Module 1 you will access a new, deep and profound level of awareness so that you can gain crystal clarity, understanding and acceptance of yourself and men at a whole new level.

Inside you’ll discover:

The 7-criteria formula to recognize a man’s type in just five minutes so that you avoid wasting time on messaging and meeting the wrong types. 

How to unlock your inherently attractive qualities so that you can become irresistible and desirable to suitable men!


“I uncovered the exact reasons why I struggled in my past relationships, how I got into ‘the middle type’ and what kind of man is ideal for me. I realized that there’s nothing wrong with me and some men are simply incompatible with me. I learned to ‘type’ men, which is fascinating. And, I ‘returned to myself’ by learning my type and developing a new relationship with myself. Now I understand, accept and love myself unconditionally, 100%.”

— Mary

And where would you be if this were your story too?

“Why do I keep attracting low-quality men?”


“How can I attract high-quality men?”

The Secret to Attracting Your Ideal Type of Man

Every woman has the ability to increase the quality of men she attracts.


Some women of all ages, shapes and backgrounds seem to have an invisible power to attract high-quality men.

In Module 2 you will discover and tap into your source of energy and power so that you can increase your energy vibration and the quality of men you attract.

Inside you’ll discover:

The real truth about why men you're attracted to are not attracted to you so that you can shift it with a proven framework once and for all 

How to spark an instant and lasting attraction with your ideal type of man so that his attention, interest and desire grow like magic


“What I discovered in this one module has rocked my world. For years I’ve heard people talk about attraction and energy vibration. But no one ever told me how attraction between different personality types works, and what I needed to do differently to attract not just any man, but specifically my ideal partner.”

— Lily

“Where can I meet high-quality men?”


“How do I meet them?”

The Secret to Meeting Your Ideal Type of Man

Women who meet high-quality men naturally and effortlessly create opportunities and take the right action that works specifically for them.


In Module 3 you will get a personalized strategy for meeting high-quality suitable men in the way that fits your type and lifestyle.

Inside you’ll discover:

Where and how to meet your ideal type of man in places you already go to, with minimum time and effort

How to create opportunities to meet higher quality suitable men and expand your social circle


“The fact that I don’t need to go on a bunch of dates with a bunch of men is such a RELIEF! As a single mom working a full-time job, being able to date less and meet the right man for me is EVERYTHING. I can actually do it.”

— Krishna

“What will he think about me?”


“What if he takes it the wrong way?”

The Secret to Flirting with Any Type of Man

Women who use flirting as a powerful, effective and fun way to spark attraction with men get to choose the best men.


In Module 4, you will get customized flirting strategies that position you as a Chooser so you can easily attract the kind of man you want.

Inside you’ll discover:

How to flirt with men in a confident, comfortable and safe way so that it leads to a deeper attraction and connection.

How to flirt with your ideal type of man on a first date so that you both have such a wonderful time that he asks you out again.


"I always had a subtle fear of unwanted attention from men, so I had a hard time being a flirt. Polina helped me with some strategies to feel safe. Now I’m comfortable around men and having fun flirting! "

— Jodi

“How do I respond to this?”

“What do I say about that?”

The Secret to Communicating with Any Type of Man

Many women struggle to communicate with men effectively at the early stages of dating, which keeps them stuck at the same place.


In Module 5, you will develop the most important skill—communication with men—so that you can successfully move through all the stages of dating towards a relationship.


Inside you’ll discover:

How to authentically and effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings in difficult situations so that you create emotional intimacy and set clear boundaries

How to stop overthinking and overreacting so that you can show up as a confident, high-value woman

Communicating with men might seem overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s what some of our members thought until they used what they learned in this module.


“This module is a goldmine! Before Love by Design, I was unsure, uncertain and afraid to say something ‘wrong,’ so I would often hold back and say nothing. I can’t thank Polina enough because now I know exactly what to say to any type of man in ANY situation from a place of emotional openness, maturity and intimacy. She’s given me my voice back! As someone who was in abusive relationships in the past, I feel like a different woman. Thank you, Polina.”

— Jessica

“How can I get a man I’m attracted to ask me on a date?”


“How can I get him to ask me out again?”

The Secret to Dating Your Ideal Type of Man

Women who date high-quality men position themselves as high-value women and actually enjoy dating.


In Module 6, you will get a personalized, effective and efficient framework so that you can date fewer yet higher quality men without putting in more time and effort.

Inside you’ll discover:

The easiest, fastest and surest 4-step method to date fewer yet higher quality men at your age and location

How to get high-quality men to quickly ask you on an actual date—and actually enjoy your first date.


“After joining Love by Design, I met my ideal dual partner and we instantly connected. There were no red flags. It’s been magical. It’s such an incredible feeling to be in this kind of dual relationship. I wish every woman could experience the same kind of ease.”

— Ellen

“How do I choose the right man?”

“What if I make a mistake?”

The Secret to Choosing Your Ideal Type of Man

The most important decision you can make in dating is choosing the right man for you so that you can create a relationship that lasts.


In Module 7, you’ll get a proven framework for choosing your man with clarity, confidence and ease so that you eliminate any guesswork, uncertainty and fear of making a mistake.

22 (2).png

Inside you’ll discover:

The proven formula to ensure you don’t choose the wrong type of man so you can feel certain about your choice

How to be a Chooser so you can get into a relationship with your dual partner who loves, values and appreciates you

7 group.png

“I wish someone had told me many years ago about Eniostyle! A mistake I didn’t even realize I was making was choosing men who weren’t compatible with me. I spent years bouncing from one dysfunctional relationship to the next, turning myself into a pretzel and desperately trying to make it work.

Now I have the power to choose my ideal partner who’s going to accept, value and love me exactly as I am..”

— Nora

By the end of these 7 Core Modules, you’ll have completely transformed your mindset, experience and results in dating. 

Become the woman who starts attracting her dream man TODAY!


“Love by Design and personality typing opened my eyes to a whole new reality—where dating is transparent, simple and makes sense. I love Polina’s metaphor about taking the blindfold off. That’s exactly what happened. I can see clearly now!”

— Darelle

Love by Design isn’t just videos and exercises . . .

It also includes




LIVE group coaching sessions with Polina!

DSCF8003 1.jpg

I created Love by Design to be the most effective, fastest and easiest way for you to shift from being single to attracting your soulmate.


And, I’m going to give you the most empowering, supportive and action-oriented program possible.

That’s why Love by Design also includes 10 weeks of live group coaching.


Got a question? Doubts? Fears? Insecurities? Anxiety? Uncertainties? Feel stuck, overwhelmed or lost?


Not clear how to get started? Afraid to put yourself out there? Wonder if you’re moving in the right direction?


We’ve got you covered.


As you take the first step and join Love by Design, you’ll begin to realize that finding love doesn’t have to be overwhelming, confusing and time-consuming because you’ll get the coaching, guidance and support to make it simple, clear and efficient.

10 Live Coaching Sessions

1. What’s Actually Getting in the Way of Attracting Your Man

2. The Dating Success Framework for Getting Results

3. Why Most Dates Don’t Go Anywhere and How to Change It

4. How to Understand Yourself and Men Better than Before

5. How to Attract High-Quality Compatible Men without Trying Hard

6. Where and How to Meet High-Quality, Compatible Men

7. How to Flirt with Men Everywhere You Go

8. How to Communicate Less and Attract Your Man Faster

9. How to Get Dates with High-Quality, Compatible Men

10. How to Choose Your Ideal Life Partner

And, if you feel like you need one-on-one support, you’ll also receive ongoing individual guidance, feedback and accountability from a Love by Design Guide, so that you feel taken care of every step of the way.


Plus, you get to join our private community so that you can share, connect with and learn from other members on a day-to-day basis so that you never feel alone, and also make lifelong friends.


“Because of Love by Design, I now speak a new language and see people in a new way - through the lens of Eniostyle. I understand the different ‘types’ of people and what motivates them. Knowing to type using Eniostyle has simplified dating but also improved all of my relationships…I understand my family and my boss better too! Thanks to Polina and everyone in her community I can walk through life belonging to an incredible community with whom I speak the same language.”

— Kirstin


The Real “Secret Sauce” that Makes Love by Design so EFFECTIVE

There are a lot of coaching programs and online courses out there that promise to help you attract your soulmate.



Maybe you’ve bought into your fair share, only to be disappointed. And maybe this is starting to sound like more of the same.



The truth is that none of them, can give you the knowledge, tools and results like Love by Design does—for one simple reason:


Love by Design is based on Eniostyle—the most effective, proven, psychology-backed personality typing system.


You get to use this “secret superpower” in all of your relationships for the rest of your life!

Plus, I have some extra special GIFTS for you!

The 7 core modules of Love by Design will completely transform the way you see yourself, men and dating. But that’s only the beginning.

When you join Love by Design, you get




SUPER Bonuses 

to make your progress towards attracting your man even simpler, faster and easier!

Bonus #1: 
“Get Ready to Attract Your Man”

Let Go of the Past, Remove Fears and Feel Safe to Date Again (Value $997)

You may think that you aren’t ready to start dating again. Well, that’s a good thing because most women don’t feel ready so you’ll be the first one to get ready and choose the best man. 

Quickly uncover and release hidden fears, doubts and negative thoughts that get in your way


Let go of your past relationships, attachments and codependency that blocked you in the past


Actually get ready to attract your dream man without spending months (or years) and hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on therapists 

13 (2).png

“Polina, I can’t believe it! Just like you said, after I followed your process, my ex showed up! Funny how it works. I completely let go of my past and now the Universe is testing me. If it wasn’t for you and Love by Design, I wouldn’t know what to do next and would have repeated the same old patterns.

— Shannon


“Seriously, this bonus alone is worth the entire investment in the program! I literally spent thousands of dollars working with a therapist and still couldn’t let go of my ex. It’s mind blowing that I’m finally ready to move on. I’m so DONE with my past blocks now! Thank you for completely shifting my perspective and getting me out of my rut. I just wish I’d found you much sooner!”

— Brianna

Bonus #2:
“The Quick Start Dating Bundle”

Attract, Meet and Date Men (Value $997)

By the end of completing this bonus, you’ll:

Take all the guesswork, confusion and overwhelm out the dating process


Put yourself in action, make PROGRESS and get RESULTS within the first 7-14 days


Use quick and easy guides so that you can meet new men, date online and go on dates within the first 30 days


“I’ve bought different online courses and programs in the past but haven’t seen anything like Polina’s quick start guides. It’s absolutely invaluable to have these simple, concise and specific actionable plans. I just open it up, follow the steps and . . . boom! This week I already met three new men, have one date set up and another in the making!”

— Celine


“The guides for first dates are gold because they save me so much time. Polina walks you through every step in the dating process and gives you specific strategies to use in each one. It feels like I have all the pieces of the puzzle right in front of me with the exact instructions on how to put them together. What a relief to date like this!”

— Dahlia

Bonus #3: 
“The VIP Value Vault” 

Personalized Templates, Checklists and Scripts (Value $997)

By the end of completing this bonus, you’ll:

Feel like you have a team of a high-end matchmaker, psychic reader and private dating coach by your side—without the expensive price tag


Get everything you need to attract high-quality men, quickly recognize compatible men, filter men online, flirt and message men in ways that spark desire


“My time is very limited. So instead of telling me to watch videos, read articles and listen to audios on how to do all those things you’re supposed to do in dating, Polina handed me “done-for-me” checklists and guides that save me tons of time!”

— Antonette

12 group.png

“Let me tell you, what a relief it is to use a simple one-page checklist to figure out a man’s type! And another one-page guide to assess a man’s quality in the first conversation.”

— Mariz

Bonus #4: 
“Done-for-You Solutions for Any Dating Situation”

($997 Value)

Dating situations can be uncomfortable, which is why I’ve included done-for-you solutions so that you can:

Know exactly how to effectively handle challenging situations when men speak or behave inappropriately, break boundaries and more.


Have everything at your fingertips to handle any uncomfortable situation with grace and ease by positioning yourself as a high-value woman.

16 (2).png

Before Love by Design, I kept going from one disappointing first date to the next. It never occurred to me that I had so much power to influence, inspire and change the direction of my date! I feel so empowered now with these incredible tools you created. Thank you!”

— Nadia


“Thank you, Polina for putting so much of your time into getting these dating solutions done. This bonus is absolutely priceless and definitely worth the investment!”

— Malia

Now, you may be thinking . . . “Polina, this is amazing but it sounds like a lot!”


Yes, I know.


And if it all seems a little overwhelming, believe me . . .


It’s not.

I created Love by Design to eliminate overwhelm—not create more of it . . . to make attracting your man easier for you, not harder.

It’s designed to help you find your soulmate in the fastest and easiest way!

All the lessons are broken down into small, bite-sized chunks just under 15 minutes each. All the exercises are simple, practical and short.

You won’t get blasted with hours and hours of videos and written assignments that suck up all your free time!

Instead, the curriculum is designed to give you a customized roadmap that simplifies and shortens your dating journey.

Most importantly, all the content is laid out only with the specific, strategic, personalized to you so you can build momentum, create wins and get the results you want.


“Because of Love by Design and its amazing community, I now speak a new language—Eniostyle—fluently because I can talk about North, East, etc. with people who understand me. Eniostyle makes not only dating but ALL relationships so easy! Thank you Polina and everyone in your community. I’ve made some incredible friends and feel like I have a place I can always return to and feel like home.”

— Wendy

dating couple over 40_3.jpeg

Now having said all of that . . .


Love by Design is definitely not for everyone.


Our members say Love by Design is the surest way to attract your man.


It’s based on the most effective personality typing system in the world. It’s BIG on real life action. It gives you a powerful tool that will help you in ALL of your relationships for a lifetime. It approaches dating like NO OTHER TRAINING out there. (And we have multiple success stories that show it.) But . . . it’s definitely not for everyone.


If you’re looking for quick band-aid approaches and short-lived manipulative tactics to “get any man to fall in love with you,” Love by Design is not for you.


Love by Design is built to show you how to attract your ideal type of man. In other words, your soulmate. If you aren’t looking for that, it’s not for you.

If you’re “thinking about” starting dating a year from now, Love by Design probably isn’t right for you . . . yet.


To get the most value out of this, you want to at least have a willingness to start dating.


Love by Design is specifically targeted for single women who want to attract their dream man.


That said, if you’re ready to start attracting, meeting and dating high-quality compatible men and you’re willing to put in just a quarter of the time and effort (yes, there’s only a small fraction of time and effort involved) to turn your love vision into your reality . . . then THIS IS your chance!


If that sounds like you, and you’re finally willing to make a commitment to yourself and your future relationship, I promise Love by Design is your surest path to success in love!


In fact, I’ll even guarantee it!


And, to make this the biggest no-brainer offer ever, I’m going to make the BEST guarantees I’ve ever offered, which puts ALL the risk of your investment on me.


You have ZERO risk when you enroll right now, with not just one, but two 100% Guarantees:

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Guarantee #1:
Test Drive Love by Design for 30 Days

After you register, you’ll have 30 days to go through everything inside the program, and if for any reason . . . if you don’t feel that it’s right for you, simply email my team at and we’ll refund your entire investment. 

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Guarantee #2: 
365 Days to GET RESULTS!

If you’re committed to attracting your ideal type of man, then this is one of the most generous guarantees you’ll ever get. Because it gives you an entire year to apply everything you’ll learn in Love by Design so that you can attract your man! If you don’t, simply show us that you’ve done the work (completed the program, attended the coaching calls and submitted the action guides). If it’s not working, we’ll refund your entire investment. This is my commitment to you.


Full disclosure: there’s one catch with the 365 Days guarantee: you have to prove to me that you did the work. And the reason is simple: nothing works unless you actually do it. Some people confuse acquiring training with achieving results. They’ll buy a program but 60 or 90 days later they haven’t done anything in that program and they’re asking for a refund, saying that the program didn’t work.


Nothing will work for you if you do nothing.


However . . . if you’re committed to taking action to attract your man, then these are the most generous guarantees you’ll ever get.


Because it gives you a full year to go through everything. A full year to test, to apply and to get real life results. And, a full year to get the help you need when you get stuck.


Here’s the agreement I’m making with you right now . . .

I’m giving you the surest and quickest path to attracting your man by teaching you a proven system that demystifies and simplifies men and all major parts of the dating process. I’m showing you a clear, effective and customized roadmap to go from struggling in dating to attracting the One. And, I’m sharing with you all the tools and resources to be able to solve any dating issue.


But you have skin in this game too. You have to show up and do the work. And if you aren’t willing, you’ll be wasting both of our time.

Now, you’re probably wondering . . .

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OK, what’s the investment?

Love by Design is not cheap, because it gives you the surest and fastest path to attract your man. It’s not some $17 book or some $197 self-study course.


It’s a small investment in yourself and your love life that pays huge dividends in ALL of your relationships.


One that will pay you back for the rest of your life... by allowing you to become the kind of woman who attracts your ideal life dual type. . . so that you can share your life with your soulmate and live the life you always wanted.


Imagine your man waking you up with a gentle “Good morning” kiss and smile in your shared dream home…


Imagine cooking a healthy, delicious dinner together, laughing and sharing highlights of your day…


Imagine going on a surprise romantic getaway and feeling like on top of the world when he takes you to your dream destination.


This is just a glimpse of a transformation that frees you from a woman struggling in dating and lets you become a woman in a loving, happy and fulfilling relationship.

It’s exactly what I help you with in my $10,000 one-year Love by Design Next Level coaching program—but for a fraction of that for you.


And when you measure all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it’s an easy choice.



Because I’m on a mission to make Love by Design as accessible as possible to as many committed single women . . .


Love by Design is only six monthly installments of $397!






“Love by Design is everything that I was missing for 20 years before I found it. It gave me a clear roadmap that any woman can follow. For the first time ever I stopped guessing, wondering and trying to reinvent the wheel. I simply began to apply what works. It’s absolutely amazing that I can say now that in just a few months I attracted my man who already asked me to be his girlfriend. Now we’re planning going on a romantic getaway weekend to Cabo San Lucas. He’s taking care of all the travel expenses so my investment in the program has been paid off! Thank you Polina and team!”

— Susan

Join Love by Design TODAY during this limited-time enrollment and I’ll credit you $997 for a ticket to my exclusive VIP event in New York City, “Love By Design LIVE!”

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Two days in the city of dreams will create life-changing breakthroughs and take you to the next level.

You’ll have live, in-person coaching sessions with me and my expert guests.

Connect and build lifelong friendships with other like-minded women.

You’ll celebrate your progress, wins and results in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

So, let’s recap!

When you join Love by Design today, you’ll get:


One-Year Access to the 7 Core Training Modules ($6,997)

10 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Polina ($4,997)

Individual Guidance, Accountability and Support ($2,997)

Action Guides ($997)

24/7 Lifetime Private Community (Priceless)

Bonus #1: “Get Ready to Attract Your Man” ($997)

Bonus #2: “The Quick Start Dating Bundle”($997)

Bonus #3: “The VIP Value Vault” ($997)

Bonus #4: “Done-for-You Solutions for Any Dating Situation” ($997)

A ticket to the exclusive VIP event, “Love by Design LIVE!” ($997)

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If you’re really serious about attracting your man, you have to make one of two choices right now:

You can either keep doing NOTHING . . .


(As you already know, if you choose nothing or doing the same things . . . then nothing changes and you continue to stay in the same place—or worse—as you get older and dating gets harder).


Or you can join us in Love by Design right now and start your transformation from being a single woman to a woman who gets into a joyful and passionate relationship with her man.


Simply click on the button below, and my team, other members and I will be waiting for you inside!

But . . . if you’re still on the fence wondering whether it’s the right decision for you and maybe thinking . . .


“Polina, it all sounds great but I just don’t have the time, energy and money right now.”


. . . then you’re letting current circumstances define your future. As you already know from your own experience (perhaps, you made the same excuses for why you couldn’t a year ago or even longer), your circumstances keep repeating and you stay single.



That sabotaging mindset, “When I have the time, energy and money, then I’ll do it” is what keeps so many women trapped in loneliness, waiting for the future that never comes.


Think about it. What’s it going to cost you to continue putting your love on hold? Will it get harder or worse?


Commitment always finds a way. It always comes from the future that doesn’t exist YET.


That’s what women who find love understand. And now, so do you.

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Now, if you’re like some women reading this, you may be thinking, “I want to join Love by Design but I can’t afford it.”


The fact that you’re on this page means that you know you need the proven solution that Love by Design will give you so you attract your soulmate. And, the fact that you’re on this page also means that you haven’t found that proven solution yet. Because if you had, you wouldn’t be here now, right?


If this applies to you, what you’re about to learn is the most important thing you’ll ever learn about attracting your man.


If you want to join Love by Design and you think you can’t afford it, then you’re in a place of wishing vs. creating. Meaning, you wish to become a member of Love by Design. You wish to attract your man, but you don’t think it’s financially possible for you, and what you do next will determine what ultimately happens in your life.

Consider this: the fact you think it’s not possible for you right now is because you’re still operating from your old, sabotaging “I can’t do it now. I’ll do it someday” mindset (you know, the one that has been keeping you lonely until now) and notice how it shows up right now.


Here’s the hard truth:


You have to ask yourself one crucial question that will determine whether you’ll find your dream man or not. This question is:


“Am I going to be the cause for attracting my man or am I not?”


Because you’re causing what you want to happen.


What that means is you have caused whatever happens in your personal life, and what does not happen in your personal life you have also caused.

couple over-40.jpeg
date over 40_1.jpeg

We both know that you aren’t where you want to be today when it comes to your intimate relationship. And now you recognize that you have caused it. If you really want to find true, lasting love, you know now that it’s going to be YOU who caused it.


And, YOU are a woman with the desire to attract your man so that you can share your life together . . .


That’s why it’s no longer a question of whether or not you can afford it, it’s now:


“How can I make it happen?”

If you’re going to stop here and do nothing differently, do you know what it means?

It means you:

—  Won’t remove blocks that prevent you from attracting your man


  Will keep making the same mistakes without even knowing it


  Will stay single and keep struggling to find love

Specifically, it means that you’re likely to continue to be invisibly blocked by what “you don’t know what you don’t even know”, keep going on dates that feel like a waste of time and spend night-after-night alone in front of Netflix.

So, let me ask you this one most important question again:


“Are YOU going to be the cause for attracting your man?”


If you are, then get yourself enrolled in Love by Design, and if you are not, you can click off now.

13 group.png

“I look at my decision to join Love by Design as one of the BEST decisions I’ve made in my life. As a full-time contractor working in the Arctic, I was skeptical about being able to meet any men, not to mention my ideal type of man! But I chose to listen to the part inside me that was hopeful and craved love. Polina told me early on, ‘He may already be in your life. You just haven’t noticed him yet.’ And OMG was she right! I met my ideal partner at work. It’s been the easiest and most incredible relationship I’ve ever had. We’re getting engaged this year and I can’t thank Polina enough. Don’t listen to that doubtful and skeptical part of you. Do it!”

— Nancy

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But CHOOSE quickly!


The doors to enrollment are open only for a few short days. After that, it'll be quite some time until you’ll have a chance to join again. And it’ll be just a waitlist for those who missed out.


Do you want to attract your man in the next FEW months (or even sooner!)? Or do you want to be left behind waiting until we reopen enrollment again?


You CAN attract your man quickly and easily.

And our entire team, me and our empowering community will be there for you.


Don’t waste your time wishing for what could be.


The fact that you’ve made this far means that you’re committed to attracting your man and that some part of you is willing to do what it takes, right?

It’s finally your turn . . .



7 Guided Audio Self-Hypnosis Bundle for Creating More Love in Your Life ($497 Value)

LBD Program Bonuses  (30).png

You already know that creating more love in your life starts on the inside. Most of us come with a lifetime of old, limiting, sabotaging beliefs about not being enough, not being worthy or not deserving of love.


When you have a negative and critical perception of yourself and what’s possible for you in love, you unconsciously project that onto men. You assume they have the same perception of you . . . and when you make that false assumption, it not only becomes challenging to attract high-quality men but it also becomes challenging to show up authentically and unapologetically as who you are. And that makes it impossible for men you want to attract to really see you, value you and fall in love with you.


In this fast-acting bonus that expires at midnight, I’m going to share with you a very powerful guided audio self-hypnosis bundle to radically transform your subconscious beliefs designed to do one thing: turn you into a radiant source of energy and love that attracts your man to you.


And, by deciding to join Love by Design then I know you’re the type of woman who's willing to invest in herself and committed to attract her man.

Now, you probably have some questions and . . . I have the answers:

If you don’t see the answer to your question, reach out to our team:


Call or text: +1 518-414-5448

Chat Live Support via Messenger (the button in the right-hand corner of this page)

  • 1. "What if I am afraid, I won’t find the right man?"
    That’s why you have weekly coaching calls with me and daily ask a coach and the most powerful tools to help you through this process. You don’t have to go through this alone. If you’re afraid of not finding your man as your biggest fear and worst-case scenario, you are already living it now. You don’t have the right man now so what the worst thing that can happen is? Now, your brain tells you all the reasons why you can’t do it, why it’s not going to work, why you’ll waste time, why you’ll spend money, you’ll get hurt, and the only way for it to be true is if you continuously listen to your brain that tells you the same old, familiar, limiting story. Think about what the future version of you who is already in a relationship with her dream man would tell you. Make a decision from the possibility of the future you want to create instead of from the fear and doubt and lack based on the past. That’s why I teach you how to self-coach so you can manage your own mind and get new results you want that you could get before. If you want to find love, we’ll help you inside Love by Design, we’ll teach you every step you need to go through to find the right person. It’s our proven process that all of our members who got into relationships have gone through. If they could do it. You can do it too.
  • 2. "What if I am very busy?"
    If you’re a very busy professional woman, then Love by Design is perfect for you because it was designed specifically with you in mind. You’ll get a customized targeted, highly effective dating strategy for your specific type that enables you to find the right man with just a quarter of the time and effort it takes women who aren’t using this process. You get to eliminate the overwhelm, frustration and wasted time and effort by focusing only on a few specific activities that get you results. Some of our type-A members went through the entire program in just one week and started applying what they learned right away and getting results like meeting new men and going on dates in the first week after joining. You can too when you enroll at
  • 3. "What if I am afraid that I won’t do the work?"
    That’s why we made it so simple, clear and doable so that ANY woman can follow just a few simple steps. There’s nothing extra that you have to do except for those steps. You get powerful tools to empower you to think differently so that you will do the work and get the results you want. You’ll learn how to be the boss lady of your own mind and you get to create your love life by design.
  • 4. "What if I’m not dating now?"
    Of all members in Love by Design, at the time of joining about a half are dating and a half are not. It’s a circumstance that has no impact on your ability to find love. Personally, I think it’s the BEST decision to get started dating again with the right tools and I highly recommend if you don’t date now, you join Love by Design before you start dating. The fact you aren’t dating now is the reason to join now. This is the most important investment you want to make in yourself before you put yourself out there.
  • 5. “What if I am dating but not meeting anyone?"
    If you’re dating now but not getting the results you want, I’ll teach you how to find the right man. As quickly as you want and ready to find him. And remember, just because it took a long time, was really hard or didn’t work in the past, doesn’t mean it has to be this way moving forward. It’s a new process. A new coach. A new possibility.
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