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The Top 5 Reasons to Date a Younger Guy

I read an article about the age difference between Emmanuel Macron, 39, the President-elect of France, and his wife Brigitte, 64. Their marriage made me think about a couple of my group coaching clients. One woman is 36, looks and dresses like she’s 26, is now in an exclusive relationship with a guy 10 years younger and, in her own words, she is “the happiest ever.” Another woman is 78, looks like 58 and acts like 48, so I advise her to date men in their 60’s.

The older you are, the bigger the difference in age can be. Although it can make some people uncomfortable to see the age difference between men and women reversed, there are many advantages to dating a younger guy.

Here are the top 5:

1. He lights you up

He’s younger, so he doesn’t have as much “baggage” as older men who often have to deal with things like crazy ex-wives, growing kids and legal battles. His positive, upbeat attitude towards life can inspire you to feel more vibrant and happier, live more in the present and become more optimistic about the future.

2. He puts you on a pedestal

Because you’ve got more experience, knowledge and wisdom in life, he looks up to you and values what you’re bringing to the relationship. In his eyes, you’re a smart, successful and independent woman who knows who she is and what she wants. Instead of being intimidated, that turns him on.

3. He’s open-minded

Because the age difference doesn’t stop him from being with you, it shows that he’s open-minded, nonjudgmental and young at heart. He’s likely to be less opinionated, stubborn and attached to “the way things are supposed to be,” which gives you the freedom of choice in other key areas of your life, like where to live and what to do for a living.

4. He’s a lot of FUN

He’s younger, so he’s got more energy, enthusiasm and willingness to do the things you’ve been thinking about but haven’t done. Whether it’s taking tango lessons, learning how to surf, or going on a spiritual journey to India — he’s likely to love your ideas and be up for an adventure.

5. He’s HOT in bed

Having lots of energy and sexual desire, he’s likely to be eager to please you in the bedroom — more often than you thought was possible! Because you’re more experienced, he’s happy to learn from you, experiment, and do the things that make you happy.

These are the top reasons, based on my research, stories from my clients, and my personal experience of dating a 24-year-old guy when I was 30. Quick story: I met him in NYC’s subway, out of all places. He was a tall, handsome guy dressed like a McKinsey consultant and reading the Wall Street Journal. Seconds before getting off, I handed him my personal card (always carry those with you!) and invited him to grab drinks sometimes. He called the next day and asked me out. We dated for a couple of months but his job in finance with crazy long hours became a deal-breaker — not his age.

What do you think about dating and having a relationship with younger guys? Does it excite or worry you? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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