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Why Do Exes Come Back When You Move On?

Why Do Exes Come Back?

When you completely let go, when you release that need and that attachment, when you (metaphorically speaking) cut the cord and no longer have any need or desire to be with your ex . . . you move on.

When you do that, you elevate your energy vibration and you elevate your level of frequency to a higher level.

When you move on and you make yourself available, most likely you start dating and seeing other people and become attractive to other men. It is then—exactly at that moment—that your ex will feel that energetically and will be drawn to that, and will come back.

When you elevate and increase your level of energy vibration, your ex can feel it on an energetic level. And now, they start perceiving you as a potentially desirable partner—just like other men who perceive you that way.

It's as if there was this invisible way of them talking to each other and saying, “Wow, she's desirable, she's attractive!” And they feel it intuitively.

It's also the universe's test—to really check and see if you're ready to move on, if you're ready to get something bigger and better. Because it's only when you let go of the past that you create space for something new to come in.

Let go to let in.

The universe will always test you.

Are you ready to move forward into a new, different and better future? Or, are you still that person who wants to hold on to their past when your ex comes back? It's the ultimate test.

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