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Ellen learned more about herself and met the right man.

“It all makes perfect sense to me. Now that I know my type, which is East and North, I now know exactly who I’m looking for in a dual partner. After learning Eniostyle, I’m happier with who I am and have attracted the right type of man for me.” — Ellen

Anna feels more secure and on the right track.

“What shifted is that I feel more secure because I'm on the right
track and have the right tools. It gives me hope that it's really
possible for me to meet a good match.

Jodi can know right away if a man is right for her.

“I’m able to know right away if a man is right for me when I’m out
there swiping and dating. Learn Eniostyle if you want an easy-flowing relationship." — Jodi

Sara gained the confidence to start dating again.

“After going through the program, I gained confidence and started
dating again. Now I can filter out men who aren’t compatible with
me early on. It saves a lot of time.”

Hayley’s man asked her to move in together after just one month of dating.

"He was so consistent. He didn't disappear. He pursued me and
about a month later he made the proposal for us to move in
together.” —

“This program really helped me to have my thoughts organized about who I really wanted to see in my life as my partner.


“I am happy to report that the man I am with now possesses every single quality that I listed in that exercise, and then some. We are now expecting our first baby, and I make sure to remember that it was not easy to get here. I still carry that list in my wallet out of the sentimental value, and contemplate, still in disbelief, on the fact that I got exactly what I wanted as soon as I got the clarity.

“Polina Solda offers a powerful coaching trilogy: wisdom from experience, straight-talkin' responses, and a caring presence.


“I became enlightened by her expertise, awakened by her clarity, and empowered by our connection. She walks me in the right direction to Mr. Right!”

Dr. Connie


“I met my future husband after just six months. No matter how long it takes, the main thing is not to deviate from your image of the man you want to see in your life.


“It doesn't matter at all what color his eyes and hair are, whether he is thin or fat. The main thing is that both of you are comfortable with each other and it is interesting that he feels you, you are his.”


“I am so thrilled to be engaged with the love of my life and so grateful to you for supporting me in being able to recognize him when he came into my life.


“Gil and I got engaged the Tuesday before Thanksgiving while we were visiting his family in New York. He surprised me under the Brooklyn Bridge and even had his friend who is a photographer sneaking around to get some photos.”


“About seven months later I met this amazing man—and I was emotionally ready for him and this relationship!


“By working with Polina it helped me to BUILD my self-worth and to see the value in me as a person! Mentally I was healing and was provided with the tools to do so! I believe in order to meet and be with someone YOU as a person HAVE to be emotionally ready for it! I'm GRATEFUL for Polina and giving myself this gift of having a life coach and actively working every day to be better WHICH trickles down to everything and everyone in my life!

— Oriana

“This program helped me 150% to become a happier, more self-confident, attractive woman than I was!  


“I didn’t expect that I could be like I am now! So much potential in me, strength! And already in two months, I started my new relationship with my new love! And I realized that true real love exists! Was surprised that he was near me all this time! The most helpful thing in this program is realizing myself as a person, who has a high-value life, self-confidence, and always in movement!”

— Nataly

“As you promised on our first call, I did find love in less than six months!


“I can't tell you how grateful I am for giving me the chance to do this program with you, and how grateful I am for everything you helped me realize about myself, my beliefs, my traumas, everything. And most of all, how this program helped me be a more secure, empowered, and romantic woman, enabling me to find a good, kind and sweet guy. I'm sure I found the guy I'll marry, that will be the father to my kids, and that was my lifelong dream! I'm so thankful to you!”


Now I date the types of men I’m compatible with and who’re attracted to me like a magnet!


“Much gratitude Polina for your bright energy and generosity!  : ) I learned tools and strategies for identifying men based on their type, and for connecting with them in ways that appeal to their specific type. I have more acceptance of my nature and can embrace it more fully, as well as an understanding of why certain relationships work well and others don't base on our types.  Now I can date with much more awareness of the types of men I’m compatible with and who’ll be drawn to me like a magnet when I'm showing up fully as myself. The best part of this program for me was recognizing my own type and feeling freer to be fully myself with others. Another big takeaway was understanding why and what kind of men I am actually most compatible with within a relationship; this was a surprise to me!”


Being able to tailor my communication to different men allowed me to connect and build attraction like never before!


“I'm very grateful for this course!! It has given me in-depth knowledge about myself and men as well as the confidence to speak with any man in a way which helps establish rapport and connection. I gained confidence to speak and connect with any men and be myself which is so much more enjoyable and easy to do. I understood why the relationships with my former boyfriends didn’t work out after I learnt about my own and their type. Most importantly, I understood my own type and allowed myself to be more myself which helped communicating with men easier and more comfortable and enjoyable. Having learned what is important for different men I was able to tailor my communication to a specific individual which helped me connect and built attraction if I chose to.

It makes it so much easier to maneuver through many dating situations!


“The program is fascinating, Polina!! I learned how to "type" people and how to have relationships with people in ways that complement their personalities.  It is wonderful!!! Now I find myself digging deeper into people that are in my life and learning what type they are by using the tools that I've learned in this program.  It makes it so much easier to maneuver through many dating situations. This is a great program to allow women to dig deep within and learn who they really are, in all aspects of their life.  It also helps women become empowered so that they are able to learn how to “type” men that would be a good match/dual partner for them. It is a wonderful program!!!”



“Feminine vibration is an incredible thing. It has connected me to people I haven’t spoken to for a very long time.


“Hi, I wanted to thank Polina and everyone for the amazing group session yesterday. I felt my feminine vibration rise in just one session, which is incredible. After the session I saw an email from a colleague I worked with 13 years ago who emailed me out of the blue to ask how I’ve been. I’m convinced that this happened because of raising my vibration thanks to Polina’s coaching and everyone’s sharing. He sent the email midway through the session! Another male friend I have not spoken to for several years texted me to find out how I am. So I don’t think it's a coincidence! Of course I replied to them today. I feel so much more alive. Can’t wait for the next group call”

“Knowing my personality type gave me a better grasp on who I’m compatible with, and has made things clearer about my past relationship.


“Oh my gosh, these lessons were so good! I learned so much and gained so much clarity. I believe I am South and my last relationship was West. No wonder we were so incompatible. I can see how if I would have communicated the way a West needs to be communicated with he would have responded differently, but I wasn’t able to keep that up and he wasn’t able to meet my needs either. It’s funny because I have had a crush on John Cusak since the 80’s and now I know why—he’s North! Thank you for this wonderful information and clarity!”



I am now more confident in myself learning who I really am.


“I got clear on who I am and that I can have what I desire. Also about dual partners and the power of coming from my unique self with clarity. I got more confidence in who I am and what I bring to my relationships.”


“I’ve gained skills that have helped me better my communication with anyone.


“Hi ladies, I'm really enjoying the training and putting it into action in my online communication and on dates. Yay! 


“So happy for this! Thank you, Polina!”


“Thank you! This course has opened my heart and my eyes and helped me to better navigate life. Eniostyle has taught me about different personality types and what to expect as I speak with people.”


“I appreciate this training. Thank you, Polina!  :) 💖 I learned how to type men in order to help determine if we are compatible. Groundbreaking way to filter men and get clear on who is your ideal partner for a happy, harmonious, easy relationship.” 


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